Friday, 15 August 2008

UNITYblog Question: Do we need a new constitution for Aotearoa?

UNITYblog is going to begin asking regular questions on important political, social and ideological issues. We will be posting the answers we receive up on UNITYblog. The goal is to generate some lively and intelligent debate that will help us understand the world today and what we need to do to make the transition away from the market towards a human centred society. The first UNITYblog question is:

Do we need a new constitution for Aotearoa?

If so, what might a new constitution look like? And how do we go about achieving a new constitution? Your answers can be any length, short or long. Send to They can be anonymous, or provide a name and how you wish to be identified. All contributions must comply with UNITYblog policy of not posting sectarian, silly or personal content. I look forward to your responses. In solidarity, Vaughan Gunson UNITYblog editor email: ph/txt: 021-0415 082 See also

1 comment:

Tony said...

Yes we need a new constitution which will be a start towards
a socialist workers state. It would be a good idea to have public meetings and let the people decide.