Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Putting to bed the trappings of NZ's colonial past

by Pete A new constitution would be interesting to contemplate. It would probably go hand-in-hand with New Zealand becoming a republic, but that discussion would involve what we replaced the existing inadequate arrangement with. It's definitely about time that the British Crown was ditched as a controlling influence over Aotearoa/New Zealand. While some may call for the retention of the Treaty of Waitangi - I don't see this as really necessary either. It would be more useful to put to bed such trappings of New Zealand's colonial past. A new constitution might include mandatory state control of vital infrastructure and resources, along with nationalisation of key assets such as ports, communications, transport facilities. State provision of health and education resources and abolition of the user pays mentality should be included, as well as consideration of military training for those not employed or in training. UNITYblog has asked the question: Do we need a new constitution for Aotearoa? If you would like to have your thoughts on this issue posted on UNITYblog send to editor@unityblognz.com See also:

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