Friday, 29 August 2008

'An attempt to justify the unjustifiable'

RAM - Residents Action Movement Media release 28 August 2007 RAM will be joining other social justice advocates on Saturday's protests in Auckland and Wellington against the arrests and charges of those targeted in last October's police "terrorism" raids that turned out to be not terrorism. "The state terror raids were later found by the Solicitor General not to be about 'terrorism' at all. The minor arms charges that were eventually laid would appear to be an attempt to justify the unjustifiable," said Grant Morgan, chair of RAM (Residents Action Movement). Below and attached is the communique that RAM will be issuing this Saturday at the protests: Solidarity with arrestees of state terror raids Statement by National Executive of RAM (Residents Action Movement) RAM condemns the clear abuses of state power which occurred during the 2007 anti-terror raids, particularly the blatantly illegal conduct by members of the NZ Police Force, and the nature of the legislation with which the accused were initially charged (the Terrorism Suppression Act), as grounds for objection by any reasonable citizen. The use of phone-taps and other contraventions of the rights of the accused during evidence gathering by the Police, and the manner of the arrests themselves, render the entirety of the raids incompatible with the values of a free, democratic society. The decision of the Solicitor General not to lay charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act, and the possibility of that act's repeal, are to be applauded as steps away from the slippery slope to US Patriot Act-style legislation which this country had been heading towards. However, the fact remains that numerous individuals were wrongfully targeted under this legislation, and in all probability remain under covert surveillance to this day. Those individuals charged with "minor" offences are likely to have their cases prejudiced by the circumstances under which the charges were laid. Obviously such a state of affairs is highly repugnant, and deserving of condemnation. With this in mind, RAM extends its solidarity to the persons unfairly targeted by the state apparatus. See also Global Day of Action 30 August - Drop the charges!

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