Sunday, 31 August 2008

Analysis of Bolivia’s recall referendum and aftermath

The grassroots movement in Bolivia, given leadership by indigenous president Evo Morales, is challenging the rule of the market and instigating reforms based on human and ecological principles. Bolivia Rising has brought together a number of articles looking at the August 10 recall referendum and the historic vote in support of the process of change in Bolivia. 1. Bolivia: Historic Vote Confirms Will for Change - Federico Fuentes 2. Bolivia: Right-wing rebellion spurs left offensive - Federico Fuentes 3. Bolivia Gets the Change It Asked For - Mark Weisbrot 4. Morales' boost - Richard Gott 5. Bolivia's Post-Referendum Conjuncture - Jeffery R. Webber 6. The Bolivians cast their votes well - Hugh O'Shaughnessy 7. The trigger of South America - Hamid Golpira 8. Everyone a winner in Boliva vote ... or are they? - Eduardo Garcia and Simon Gardner 9. The Bolivia Recall Referendum: Final Numbers and Analysis - Inca kola news 10. Evo Morales calls on the opposition to unite efforts in favour of Bolivia 11. Bolivian social movements in Permanent Mobilization 12. Morales sends troops to Bolivia's oil, gas installations 13. Venezuela Pledges Strengthened Alliance with Bolivia FollowingMorales Referendum Victory

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