Friday, 29 August 2008

Union members flock to sign GST-off-food petition

EPMU and SFWU members sign RAM's popular GST-off-food petition at a mass union meeting in Manukau. 250 signatures were collected in short time.
People were very interested in RAM's new leaflet advertising the Greater Auckland stopovers of the People's Procession to Parliament.
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richard mcgrath said...

Why not abolish GST altogether? The less well-off pay proportionately more in GST than better off people, so why not remove it totally?

Ondine Green said...

The demand for "GST off food now" is actually working, on the ground, to excite people into mass activism around RAM. Richard, do your political experiences on the ground give you any cause to believe that a call for "abolish all GST now" would excite the grassroots more? Or are you simply basing it on what you would subjectively like to see?

I would personally love to see all GST abolished right now. But the people described in this article were lining up to endorse a different demand. If you think a different demand would be more mobilising, then I encourage you and all your friends to get out there and try to top RAM's success.

richard mcgrath said...

Glad to see you would like GST abolished immediately. I believe removing it across the board would be easier than trying to define what is food and what isn't for tax purposes. However any move toward less taxation has my support.