Saturday, 16 August 2008

NBR, Robert Fisk, the media and Tuhoe

by Auckland union activist The National Business Review (NBR) attempt to belittle international prize winning journalist Robert Fisk for meeting with Tuhoe activists at a Glen Innes Marae, indirectly labeling him a traitor by calling him "Beirut Bob", a clear reference to such names as, Hanoi Hanna, or Tokyo Rose. However the NBR seems to target most of its bile at the rest of the New Zealand media for daring to stray from the anti-terror script and accuses them of "rapturous media sycophancy". Coming from one of the Washington's biggest war on terror sycophants in this country, it is, excuse the pun, a bit rich even for the NBR. Realising they may have lost this particular media battle,"Pity the nation" is the NBR's final bitter comment. Obviously the NBR are uncomfortable with any journalistic spotlight being shown on this particular scab on New Zealand's recent history, and would be far happier if their pro-war right wing journalism was the only voice allowed. The NBR berates the rest of the media here for not obeying the unwritten rules of self censorship that the 'International War on Terror' demands. See NBR's article Fisky business (15 August 2008)

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