Saturday, 23 August 2008

Green Party dilemma - are we for emissions trading, or not?

On Tuesday 26 August the Green Party caucus is going to decide whether it will vote for Labour's emissions trading scheme, or not. But it seems the Green Party MPs aren't sure, so they want to hear from the public as to which way they should vote. See the NZ Herald articles, Greens leave decision with the public (22 August) and Greens get mixed views on emissions trading scheme (23 August). You can tell the party what you think by emailing RAM activists Peter de Waal and Roger Fowler have already emailed their thoughts to the Green Party. See Peter de Waal Carbon trading is a stupid idea and Roger Fowler Let's introduce free public transport - an example to the world More UNITYblog readers should email the Green Party. And if you want your contribution to be posted on UNITYblog as well, email to

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