Saturday, 31 May 2008

Wanna climb on board a free bus?

RAM - Residents Action Movement Media release 30 May 2008 This coming Thursday, 5 June, is World Environment Day. It's the day nominated by the United Nations for political and community action to safeguard our planet's ecology. The UN has decreed that "the main international celebrations of World Environment Day 2008 will be held in New Zealand". Fuelled by concerns over climate warming, the official UN slogan for 2008 is "Kick the Habit! Towards a Low Carbon Economy". (See UN website notice In commemoration of World Environment Day, the Rotorua District Council has decided that buses in its region will run fare-free on 5 June. "Knowing that vehicle exhaust gases are a major contributor to climate warming, Rotorua District Council is giving a positive lead by making all its buses fare-free on World Environment Day," said Grant Morgan, chair of RAM - Residents Action Movement. "RAM calls on councils across New Zealand to follow Rotorua's example and make public transport in their regions fare-free on 5 June." "To highlight the excellent lead given in Rotorua, RAM is running its own fare-free bus in Auckland on World Environment Day," said Grant Morgan. Wanna climb on board RAM's free bus? Here’s how: MORNING: Departs 8am from Southmall Plaza, Manurewa, heading along Great South Rd to central Auckland. AFTERNOON: Departs 5pm from Wellesley St East, central city, destination Onehunga. Aboard RAM's free bus will be the first four Greater Auckland parliamentary electorate candidates to be announced by RAM. We call on the media: Climb on board and find out who they are. Over the last four years, RAM has been calling for free and frequent public transport funded by a major reallocation of the state roading budget. "RAM's fare-free bus on 5 June is a continuation of a long campaign to mobilise against climate warming while reducing the transport costs of cash-strapped families," said Grant Morgan. For more information, contact: Grant Morgan Chair of RAM - Residents Action Movement 021 2544 515

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