Thursday, 15 May 2008

VAMOS gets going in Wellington

by Anna, VAMOS Wellington 15 May 2008 VAMOS Wellington kicked off last week with a discussion with film-maker Ricardo Restrepo. Ricardo is the co-director of the film 'Now the People have Awoken' which was filmed during the 2006 Venezuelan election and, in the words of the film makers, tells the story of "people building a new Venezuela". It was screened as part of the Human Rights Film Festival and afterwards Ricardo answered questions from the audience before moving on to an event at El Horno bar where those interested in showing solidarity with Venezuela were able to meet, ask questions and make connections. VAMOS stands for Venezuela Aotearoa Movement of Solidarity, and it was established by a group who got together around the tour of Venezuelan charge d'affaires Nelson Davila earlier this year. The aims of the movement are to:
  • share information about the ongoing revolution in Venezuela and counterbiased media reporting.
  • mobilise public opinion against attempts by the US state to destabiliseand destroy the popularly elected government of Hugo Chavez.
  • connect with communities in Venezuela and around the world supporting Venezuela's hopeful alternative.

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