Friday, 16 May 2008

Finance minister invited to debate GST on food with RAM outside supermarket

RAM - Residents Action Movement Media release 16 May 2008 "Labour finance minister Michael Cullen's announcement that he won't remove GST from food reveals a fixed mindset totally out of touch with most New Zealanders," said Grant Morgan, chair of RAM (Residents Action Movement). "People queuing to sign RAM's GST-off-food petition outside supermarkets are saying things about Labour that couldn't be repeated in polite conversation. They're also saying they don't trust National, whose leader has also opposed taking GST off food." "Both major parties are out-of-touch with grassroots people, who are saying at RAM petition tables that 'the politicians' from Labour and National are looking after only 'the rich'. These are near-universal sentiments among the vast majority." "I invite Michael Cullen to come along to one of RAM's GST-off-food petition tables outside an Auckland supermarket to debate the GST on food issue," said Grant Morgan. "I have emailed my invitation to Mr Cullen at parliament. Will the finance minister take up my offer? I hope so. I invite the media to publicise my invitation to Mr Cullen in order to prod him into facing up to the people," said Grant Morgan. For more information, contact: Grant Morgan Chair of RAM (Residents Action Movement) 021 2544 515

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