Sunday, 1 June 2008

Venezuela: Struggle in the PSUV - 'If the people don't stand firm, the right will screw it up!'

Elected delegates to the PSUV's founding congress earlier this year

by Stuart Munckton
from LINKS - International Journal of Socialist Renewal
27 May, 2008

The two articles below, by Kiraz Janicke (a member of the Green Left Weekly Caracas bureau and journalist), give a feel for the increasingly intense struggle that is taking place within the Chavista camp.

"Venezuela gets ready to choose candidates for regional elections"

"Controversy erupts over nominations for PSUV candidacies in Venezuela"
http://www.venezuelanalysis. com/news/3494

In fact, as articles from the GLW Caracas bureau among a fair few others have pointed out in recent times, the key struggles in Venezuela are occurring within the Chavista camp — and the outcome of this struggle will play a major role in determining the fate of the Venezuelan revolution.


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