Tuesday, 24 June 2008

350 - new international initiative calls for global action to stop climate change

This animation has been made to coincide with the launch of 350, an international grouping of activists, climate scientists, environmental organisations and prominent people. James Hansen, a respected climate change scientist is one of the spokespeople. Ads for 350 have been placed in some of the world's major newspapers. 350 is the level of carbon dioxide in the air measured in parts per million (ppm) that's safe for human civilization. Currently the world is at 385ppm and rising. 350 is calling for global action for a global future. Visit the website http://350.org/ There's a growing recognition that we need to build an international movement to bring about the urgent and drastic solutions needed to avoid catastrophic climate change. That movement has to bring together mass mobilising organisations in individual countries like unions, churches, student organisations, environment groups, and grassroots political parties prepared to stand up against vested corporate interests. 350 could be a break through initiative that brings the international movement to another level. We should be looking very closely at 350 and considering how we can bring together mass mobilising organisations in New Zealand around some common initiatives linked to the global movement and consciousness. What do UNITYblog readers think of 350?

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SoobyDoo said...

What a snazzy little video. Someone should show it to John Campbell, he'd run it on the Tv3 slot - surely?