Friday, 27 November 2009

Scottish socialists on 1989 & the Fall of the Wall

Scottish-based online magazine Democratic Green Socialist has extensive coverage of the Fall of the Wall, with British socialists giving different perspectives on life under Stalinism, whether Russia and it’s East European satellites were really socialist etc. [Picture shows statue of Karl Marx and Frederik Engles in Berlin]. Their blurb says: For all those seeking a left antidote to the mainstream media free market triumphalism around the 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Issue No 9 of DGS is a special issue dedicated to debate and discussion around 1989, the fall of communism and all things Soviet Bloc related. Contents this issue are: Editorial: Fall of the Wall – Twenty years on, DGS dedicates an entire issue to the fall of the Soviet Bloc and asks whether its time for a historical re-evaluation. Histories, Analyses and Views – Part 1: Auferstanden Aus Ruinen, Andy Newman argues we need to remember both the good and the bad about the DDR. John Wight laments the passing of the USSR in a brief history of the Soviet Union. Neil Davidson celebrates The revolutions of 1989. Sinead Daly and Christine Thomas on Women & Family after the fall of the Wall. Kevin Williamson argues Freedom is a Noble Thing Science: Steve Arnott on The cold war and the space race Culture: Graeme McIver reviews Goodbye Lenin, Anne Edmonds reviews The Lives of Others Graham Jepps reviews The Case of Comrade Tuleyev by Victor Serge. Three cheers for more equal societies as Dave Watt reviews The Spirit Level Art. Liz Walker on Art and the Revolution – before, during and after. Histories, Analyses And Views – Part 2: Defend October, not Stalinism argues Luke Ivory. As an ‘informed tourist’ Steve Mowat casts his eye From Berlin to Bulgaria and The People behind the Wall. Gary Fraser on the sociological history of East Germany.

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