Wednesday, 4 November 2009

UNITYblog: the next two months

From near the end of this month, to just before Christmas my partner and I will be travelling round the North Island, finishing up at Climate Camp (16–21 December) in Wellington. The trip itself and all the preperation required beforehand means I won’t have much time to work on UNITYblog until after Christmas. However, I’m aiming to keep things ticking over with an increase in overseas articles, and a few things I’ve been saving or just haven’t got round to publishing yet. So there’ll be more from Green Left Weekly and other overseas socialist papers and blogs. There’ll probably be a few slightly out of date articles, including my thoughts on Jim Flynn’s talk at the Alliance Party conference from a few weeks ago, which will be posted in a couple of days. I’m hopeful that Vaughan Gunson and will continue posting on the Bad Banks campaigns and other issues. And that Grant Morgan will continue to write on his controversial ideas about the “collapse of capitalism”.
David UNITYblog editor

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