Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Bad Banks leaflet #4: The Rich Have Stolen the Economy

Bad Banks leaflet #4 is out now. It's been produced to use at stalls outside cinemas showing Michael Moore's new film, Capitalism: A Love Story, which has general release throughout the country.

The leaflet aims to connect with some of the issues raised in the film, in particular the massive government bailouts of the world's biggest banks, but it also points towards a more fundamental crisis of the system. On the back page of the leaflet is Grant Morgan's short-essay, 'Senior investment guru forecasts longrun damage to capitalism's profits'.

At the same time as we provide a "big picture" analysis of the global economic crisis and it's fallout, we need to be looking at what immediate demands the Bad Banks campaign can raise. This leaflet promotes a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) to net the big banks and other financial speculators. A small percentage tax on financial transactions would easily make up for tax revenue lost as a result of removing GST tax off food, a demand made popular last year by RAM-Residents Action Movement (http://www.ram.org.nz/).

While the leaflet is intended to connect with people attending Michael Moore's new film, it can still be used on other Bad Banks stalls in combination with the leaflets already produced. If you would like bulk copies printed and sent to you, email Len office@sworker.pl.net.

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