Friday 13 November 2009

Poison Free New Zealand Nationwide Protest Day: Sunday 15 November

There is public awareness like never before. The Graf's brothers are doing an amazing job showing their documentary Poisoning Paradise.

Brodifacoum has been a focus of media here in the Auckland area since the drops on Rangitoto and Motutapu. Both Taupo and Westland District Councils have banned 1080 use aerially.

There is a swell of activity like never before. And now is the time to act. We must stop poisoning our land, our people, our wildlife and our environment.

The appalling activity of aerial dropping of poisons throughout New Zealand has been going on for over thirty years, yet pest numbers have NOT decreased. People have been demanding change throughout this time but their cries have not been heard. This is our best opportunity to unite and fight this injustice.

Since Poison Free New Zealand was setup, we’ve made a lot of excellent progress. We’ve released a single written and performed by new and established kiwi artists, started a “viral” e-mail campaign distributing some fun animation, organised radio interviews and have the interest of TVNZ. The documentary (over 2 hours long) is currently screening 24/7 at until our protest rally on the 15th of November. A 20 minute version is currently in the hands of TV3’s 60 Minutes and should hopefully screen next week.

We are encouraging our supporters to send our animation to as many people as they can via e-mail which can be downloaded from here: or viewed on our website.

We have managed to unite groups with different goals, ranging from anti-fluoride health organisations to animal rights activist and friends of the earth for one common cause: the banning of aerial drops.

On Sunday, New Zealanders will unite around the country at 16 different towns and cities (from Great Barrier Island to Te Anau) for a syncronised rally, where we will express our views peacefully, have speakers, media and music. Information on the rallies is updated daily on our website. (

The newly released music single “Enuf is Enuf” is also available as a free download on our website (which was downloaded almost 200 times in the first 24 hours). The website has had more than 1000 unique visitors in the last week. Our next step with the music is to get more airtime on radio stations nationwide. Work is underway to make this happen including personally presenting radio stations with copies of the CD. So far, this has resulted in radio interviews in both Auckland (Base FM) and Wellington (Radio Active) prior to our rallies.

The song can be downloaded from here if you wish to save it to your computer and/or send it to your friends.

We have had an excellent response to our press release (sent to hundreds of media organisations throughout the country) and are following up on these. Further press releases will be sent tomorrow and Friday/Saturday.

TVNZ’s show Marae which screens on TV One on Sundays is following our moves and they will be at the Auckland Rally this coming Sunday. Their focus is on the harm the poisons do to traditional foods, medicines and water supplies.

The next few days before the rally are focused on spreading the word further and reaching as many people as possible. So we really need your help.

If you make just one person stand up for their rights, we’ve doubled our numbers.

We really hope you will join us for a united stand. As Bob Marley sang “Get Up, Stand Up, Stand Up For Your Rights”.

Spokesperson Paul Cohen: Phone: 09 372 3115 or 021 520 065 email:

Protest Rally Coordinator Thomas Greve: Phone: 09 372 7585 or 021 183 7987 or

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