Monday 29 October 2007

John Minto on Winston Peters - spittle-flecked dog whistling

Winston Peters - spittle-flecked dog whistling

29 October 2007

Claims of apartheid among those supporting the activists arrested in
the recent para-military police raids across New Zealand are typical
of Winston Peters's spittle-flecked dog whistling.

To suggest those protesting are doing so because some of those
arrested are brown is pathetic.

Peters has a long history of racial opportunism and added to that
history over the weekend. Previously he has attacked Asians, refugees
and Maori rights supporters in race-based attacks. Last weekend's
torrent of abuse from Peters is par for the course.

Peters was a part of the National Party in the 1970's and 1980s which
regarded Nelson Mandela as a terrorist and regarded the African
National Congress as a terrorist organisation. Peters has never
marched against apartheid but has regularly stood abusing from the

We are opposed to the threat of using the Terrorism Suppression Act
and its amendments against political activists. This is the most
serious threat to civil rights in New Zealand since the 1951
waterfront lockout.

The most surprising aspect of last Saturday's protests was the degree
of unity amongst the diverse groups represented. We have not seen such
a range of groups with such unity for a long time in New Zealand protest.

John Minto
Global Peace and Justice Auckland

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