Friday 26 October 2007

Minto and Meraunt- United for Civil Rights

TV3 News Video here

From old foes to new friends - former top cop Ross Meurant and political activist John Minto have spent 26 years on opposing sides, since the Springbok tour.

But they have finally found a cause they agree on.

For 26 years they have been on opposite sides of the barricades...

Ross Meurant, the former top cop, renowned for taking a hard line on radical elements, and John Minto, the political activist involved in most left-wing groups and causes.

Today for the first time they actually met, and buried the hatchet, united by their stance against the police terrorism raids.

They came to each others attention in 1981 during the springbok tour, but never got closer than 50 metres.

Both men were considered generals - Meurant directing the red squad, Minto the protestors.

That same year, Meurant gave the long arm of the law a baton, which became known as the Minto bar.

They say the police are now abusing their powers, and misusing legislation.

John Minto will tomorrow lead the march for freedom; more than a thousand protestors are expected to join him.

He did ask his new friend to join him - Meurant politely declined, saying it really isn't his thing.

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