Sunday, 1 August 2010

Latest UNITY leaflet - MPs copy their masters

The latest UNITY leaflet out now. Click here to download.

Perks & big bucks
MPs copy their masters

“A 10% pay increase for greedy politicians – you’ve got to be kidding!” That would be a common reaction to the proposed pay rise for MPs.

The expenses scandal and abuse of perks has exposed the high-flying lifestyle of many MPs.

Most of them plainly aren’t in parliament to serve grassroots people, or they wouldn’t behave like that – would they?

No, these politicians are aping the people they truly serve: the rich.

Over the last three decades Labour and National politicians have served their masters well.

They’ve put in place economic policies that have impoverished the majority and benefited a rich minority. What’s happened in NZ has happened around the world.

To keep profits flowing to the wealthy today’s capitalist economy is driven by financial speculation and credit creation by banks.

A small elite has grown rich and powerful, but only at the expense of destabilising the world economic system. Crisis follows crisis.

History has shown that when an elite sucks up all the wealth of a society, then that society is close to its doom.

Because they serve the rich our corporate politicians are blind to the dangers facing humanity. 

The solutions must come from us. We need to unite around popular campaigns which help us find a way towards a more equitable and sustainable society.

Tax rich speculators

John Key made his millions in the world of banking and financial speculation.

Governments globally have given people like Key a free license to make their fortunes from wheeling and dealing.

As prime minister, John Key is extending that license to the speculators.

Financial speculation goes untaxed, while we get hit with a GST hike.

We must challenge this injustice. Join the campaign to remove GST from food and tax financial speculation.

Our UNITY leaflets are being printed with the Tax Justice petition printed on the back. To be sent copies of the latest leaflet with the petition on the reverse email Vaughan Gunson svpl(at) or ph/txt 021-0415 082

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Anonymous said...

" We need to unite around popular campaigns which help us find a way towards a more equitable and sustainable society."


Who's "we"?

What's "more equitable"?

Seriously you jokers,

whatever happened to the class war