Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The 350 Global Work Working Bee on 10/10/10

10/10/10 — “The Global Work Working Bee” — is a day when thousands of communities across the globe will come together to celebrate climate solutions. These climate actions will raise awareness and demonstrate that another world is possible. With your help, 10/10/10 is going to be the biggest day of practical action to cut carbon that the world has ever seen.

Check out www.350.org.nz for more details on these ideas, or visit wiki.350.org/get+to+work to see suggestions added by people from all over the world.  As we all finalise our local actions there will be more & more detail coming up on the website over the next few weeks.

What’s 350 again?
350ppm (parts per million) of CO2 is the number that science shows is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.  It’s the number humanity needs to get back below as soon as possible to avoid setting off irreversible ‘tipping points’ in the climate.

We’re currently at 390ppm and rising by about 2ppm a year, but we’re getting to work to start turning that around.
350.org is a worldwide movement which has spread to over 180 countries. 350 Aotearoa is the New Zealand branch. 

More on the science at http://www.350.org.nz/about/why-350

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