Wednesday, 12 August 2009

UNITYblog renewal: Trying out new layouts

Dear reader As part of the renewal or Unityblog, underway since I took over as editor a few weeks ago, I'm having a play with different layout and colour-schemes. The extreme changes I made last night have already provoked some strong, negative, reaction, as well as some helpful suggestions. Who would have guessed that changing the colour scheme was the fast track to getting more people commenting on UNITYblog? Unfortunately, the colours available on Blogger appear very limited (unless there's some way of accessing more - maybe with a different theme?) there's only one red and an eggy yellow and, as you can see, at lot of pastel colours tend to dominate. Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for more outrageous colour combinations until myself and the editorial board find one we all like. And please feel free to join in the decision making process with your own comments and suggestions, which you can add as a comment to this post. Cheers David UNITYblog editor

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Anonymous said...

For the right hand column, I liked the paler green from yesterday. Bit hard to read the text against the dark green background