Saturday, 22 August 2009

The Standard supports raising GST

by Auckland unionist The blogsite The Standard operates as an open apologist for the Labour Party. So it is informative, what they have to say, on National's mooted idea of raising GST (Tax reform mustn’t be a gift for the rich). After a long winded argument, they end by support for raising GST, as long as it is offset with an income tax cut of $1000 which they claim would counterbalance the increase in GST. According to The Standard: "There ought to be no reason why the Left couldn’t support that." Concluding: "It is the nature of the complete package that is important." The Labour Party's continuing solid backing for Roger Douglas's flat tax is due for a good shaking up. If the Maori Party's proposed bill is pulled from the ballot, it may be the political earthquake that starts the plates shaking on the shelves. Hopefully a good number will fall off.

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