Wednesday, 19 August 2009

David Rovics plays for kids in Wellington

David Rovics has been called "the musical voice of the progressive movement in the US". Amy Goodman has called him "The musical version of Democracy Now!"
Midway through his current tour of New Zealand, the US singer-songwriter played a show for children at the Newtown Community & Cultural Centre. While the themes of many of his songs are silly and carefree, he also includes songs that challenge children and their families to think about bigger, global issues.
Here's a taste.
In a chat between songs, he made the mistake of mentioning "stage diving". Then it was all on for young and old. Or actually, just for young!
There are delightful animated videos of these (and other) songs for kids here.
Studio recordings with better sound quality can be obtained here.
David makes his music available for free download.

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