Monday, 10 August 2009

Living Wage campaign: RAM Chair Grant Brookes speech to Wellington meeting

Speech to Wellington Public Meeting
9 August 2009
Hardly a month goes by, it seems, without John Key announcing some bold new plan to tackle the economic crisis.
Even before they won the election, National had signed up to a scheme to guarantee bank deposits to head off a potential credit crunch.
In February they held the high profile Jobs Summit. In March the government announced a national cycleway and their "9 day fortnight" plan.
The Budget in May cancelled the tax cuts planned to 2010 and 2011 as the government deficit worsened.
Last month it was a subsidy scheme for McDonalds to take on unemployed workers.


Anonymous said...

What the hell have you done to Unity Blog's colours - I can't imagine what sort of psychedelic trip you're on changing it to this colour palette. Needless to say it looks bloody awful!

David said...

Thanks for your feedback. As the post above explains, I'm playing around, exploring options. There will be more changes over the next few weeks until we get something that myself, the others on the editorial board and the readers are happy with - which may well be close to the old colours.

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The new colours as they are right now look great. The green is a nice touch, especially as the first word at the top of current column starts "Eco"
I would go so far as to say, this current colour scheme looks better than the old red/black and is a far cry from this mornings terrible scheme.
It is easy to read, which always helps.
Thanks for inviting the chance to respond.