Friday 26 November 2010

Message of condolence to families of Pike River miners

Along with the many other New Zealanders and people from around the world who have sent messages of support, we would like to offer our heartfelt sympathy to the families, fellow miners, and all those communities on the Coast effected by the shocking disaster at the Pike River mine.

We have been deeply saddened at the terrible loss of 29 irreplaceable lives.

We have shared your frustration in the delays in attempting a rescue, hoping against hope for a joyful outcome, while fearing the terrible consequences we now know.

It should never be a condition of earning a living that workers, such as your staunch and courageous men, should have to put their lives at risk. Yet this is what they do daily, and have done for generations. It is these dangers which has bound mining communities together on the Coast into a resilient, tenacious and caring family.

Words are inadequate to express our sorrow. We know you will hang on to your memories of your loved ones.

Our thoughts are with you all. We hope your men are returned to you soon and that the cause of and responsibility for this disaster is soon established.

Yours in solidarity,

Socialist Worker central committee

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