Wednesday 21 July 2010

CTU: Unions do have evidence over 90 Day trial

Council of Trade Unions media release
19 July 2010

Unions do have evidence of workers being dismissed unfairly under the 90 day provisions that operate for small firms.

Helen Kelly, CTU President, said today that the public has been made aware for instance of the worker at Dunbar Sloane auctioneers and also the worker sacked from Take Note Stationery in Waikanae detailed in Saturday’s press who was fired five minutes before the end of her 90th day.

The CTU has taken up around 10 cases for workers.

In some cases, because the employer has breached the law, there are legal possibilities. But in others there is no ‘case’ because the law has simply removed the right to appeal against unfair dismissal.

“It is also true that some workers we have represented have not wanted to go public for fear that they would not get another job,” said Kelly.

More and more cases are coming to light every day as the public reacts to news that the Government wants to extend the 90 day law to all workers.

The Labour Department survey revealed that those workers interviewed felt vulnerable and were concerned about job security. Also 22% were sacked in the 90 day period.

“So there are employers being named – and more who should be ashamed – of using and supporting a law that sanctions unfair dismissal of workers with no right of appeal.”

“Kiwis are fair-minded. They know that if a worker is unfairly dismissed they should have the right to appeal. The Government is removing this right from hundreds of thousands of workers.”

Helen Kelly said: “Unions will continue to campaign for fairness at work and will oppose these changes.”

For further information contact:

Fraser Pettigrew, Communications and Campaigns Advisor
04 802 3817 / 027 243 7031 /

Helen Kelly, President, CTU
04 802 3812 / 021 776 741

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