Monday 21 April 2008

South African dockers refuse to unload guns from China bound for the Mugabe regime

A rally of MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) supporters in Zimbabwe. The actions of the South African dock workers helps their struggle.

South African dock workers have defied the South African government and refused to unload the Chinese arms ship bound for Zimbabwe. The ship has been sent packing into the Indian Ocean looking for another port to unload its cargo.

The Mbeki government, who has maintained a close relationship with Mugabe, was politically embarrassed by these workers.

Randall Howard, general secretary of the South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (Satawu), to which the Durban dockers belong, had given this staunch warning: “If they the Mbeki government bring replacement labour to do the work, our members will not stand and look at them and smile."

The Zimbabwe ISO, who’ve been throwing their energies into the democratic movement against the brutal Mugabe regime, “salutes what the South African workers have done. If similar actions can be done globally in solidarity with the working people of Zimbabwe, Mugabe will be removed.”

“Mugabe’s intentions to import arms shows how prepared he is to cling to power by hook or crook. These days armed police and military are found everywhere on the streets of Zimbabwe, whilst they've initiated a terror campaign in most rural areas. People are being killed and some tortured”, says the Zimbabwe ISO.

The Maritime Union of NZ has sent a message of solidarity to the dockers’ union in South Africa, passing on the full support of New Zealand maritime workers for their principled stand.

UNITYblog has previously featured an appeal for the Zimbabwe ISO, who are doing great work under extremely difficult circumstances. $1000 dollars has been sent already.

If you would like to donate money to help comrades in Zimbabwe as they struggle for democracy email

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