Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Afghanistan troop increase deplorable

Media Release GLOBAL PEACE & JUSTICE AUCKLAND www.gpja.pl.net 14 April 2008 The government decision to increase New Zealand troops in Afghanistan is deplorable and can only compound the chaos and violence across the country. The 18 additional New Zealand troops, like the existing contingent, have no place in Afghanistan. In the six and a half years since New Zealand took part in the illegal invasion and occupation of Afghanistan that country has been plunged into violence and chaos for which New Zealand must share responsibility. We are part of the problem in Afghanistan. New Zealand, along with all foreign troops, should pull out immediately. Foreign occupation will never bring stability or democracy but instead strengthens the hands of various warlords and authoritarian groups. Civil society will only get a footing when the occupation ends. New Zealand is in Afghanistan solely to appease the United States which led the invasion in the wake of terrorist attacks in New York in 2001. It’s time we told our very, very, very good friend we will no longer back up their imperial adventures and grab for resources. In the meantime Afghanistan needs money to help rebuild. Afghanistan has plenty of engineers and carpenters to help with reconstruction. They need money – not New Zealand troops or those of any other country.

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