Tuesday 22 April 2008

Solidarity Union placed into recess

Union to be reactivated whenever possible In 2006, Solidarity Union was established to bring campaigning unionism to South Auckland's small industrial worksites which had not seen unions for decades. The union's gutsy successes did not, sadly, translate into enough fee-paying members to sustain a full-time organiser. Therefore the union's old executive has reluctantly decided to place Solidarity Union into recess. We advise our members to join the National Distribution Union which is in the process of combining with two other unions to form New Zealand's biggest "blue collar" union. We thank everyone who helped, financed and joined Solidarity Union. Your solidarity has not been in vain. Our union's official registration will be maintained so that, whenever possible, Solidarity Union can arise to continue the important job it began two years ago. Statement authorised by Solidarity Union's old executive 20 April 2008