Saturday 29 March 2008

Hot Cross Buns

by Pat O'Dea
On Wednesday before the easter break, our employer informed us that if we were all at the workshop at 7am the next morning, (our normal start time) he would give us all some free hot cross buns.
I wasn't that interested in a free bun, so on Thursday morning at 7am I went to my job site, and started work instead.
After the Easter Break I asked my workmates how it went. "Terrible," they said. First of all the company's order of hot cross buns didn't arrive on time, When the boss noticed all the workers standing in the yard at 7.30. He shouted. "What are you all still doing here. Fuck off."
Gee so much for the Easter spirit.But wait there is more. It seems the boss's initial generous free bun offer, was because that due to March being the end of the financial year the boss was very pleased with a huge rise in the worker productivity revealed in the end of year figures and it was his glee at this free gift from his workforce, that caused the rush of blood to his head, which resulted in his initial overly generous reward of buns for all to workers responsible.
Of course by Tuesday after Easter he had recovered his senses and decided that the proper and traditional way to celebrate the company's good fortune was to give management the next day (Wednesday) an all expenses paid, fishing cruise on the Waitamata harbour (workers not invited).
Hip hip hurray sanity returns to the workplace. And the sun safely returned to its orbit around the earth.

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