Sunday 30 March 2008


Hosted by Socialist Worker-New Zealand 

T H E T O P I C:  
Do we need a broad left party?  

2pm, Sunday 13 April  
Socialist Centre, 86 Princes Street, Onehunga 

Is history is calling for a broad left party in Aotearoa that fights for the interests of grassroots people against the corporate agenda embraced, to one degree or another, by both Labour and National?

A broad left ticket called RAM (Residents Action Movement) won impressive votes in the last two council elections in Greater Auckland - 87,000 votes in 2004, 100,000 in 2007.

Now RAM has decided to go nationwide and stand for parliament to rally support for a human-focused alternative to market madness and ecological melt-down. Could RAM be a flag-bearer for a broad left party that brings together a range of leftists, workers, ecologists, social justice activists and other grassroots people?

Given the extreme pressure from top union officials for a return to the Labour Party, is this the right time to promote a broad left party? Socialist Worker-New Zealand believes this is one of the most important debates now facing the left in Aotearoa. The answers we give may shape much of our lives for years to come.

Therefore Socialist Worker is hosting a Marxist Forum debate titled: "Do we need a broad left party?"  

Everyone on the left is welcome.

There will be no lead-in speakers. It will be a free-for-all debate with contributions invited from everyone present. As the meeting chair, I will request respect for different points of view, so that everyone gets a fair go. If, at meeting's end, there is a desire for continued engagement, subsequent forums on this topic will be scheduled. I invite you to come along to contribute and mix with others on the left. Afterwards we will all share a cuppa (and maybe something stronger).

For more information, phone the Socialist Centre 634 3984.

Peter Hughes  
National executive Socialist Worker-New Zealand

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