Tuesday 19 February 2008

Terror Raids Part 2 in Tuhoe country - DEMONSTRATION SATURDAY

Come to a peaceful protest organised to show solidarity with
the people whose homes were raided this morning by police, and the 3 men arrested and facing firearms charges.

Please bring banners, placards, noise makers etc.


TELL EVERYONE PLEASE! This action by Police must not continue. Leave Tuhoe alone!


Silence = Consent

Chris Trotter in his column in the Sunday Star Times (February 3) detailed a list of things he thought had alienated the left and Labour's "working class base".

Trotter's list mentioned the war in Afghanistan, genetic engineering, the Foreshore and Seabed Act, the anti-smacking legislation.

However, Trotter's list has one very glaring omission.

By not mentioning last year's paramilitary actions targeting Maori and Environmental activists, Chris Trotter is guilty of ignoring an elephant in the living room.

In his ongoing silence on this issue, Chris Trotter is only continuing the open support he gave to these extreme attacks before the terror charges spectacularly failed.

From the start, Chris Trotter was a strident and vocal supporter of the 'Terror Raids'. From his prominent pulpit in the media, this self described "leftist" abandoned the principle of Habeas Corpus in favour of condemnation by media.

But the evidence of any terrorist activity was not forthcoming. Chris Trotter has refused to say if he still supports these unjust and brutal attacks on Maori and Leftist activists.

However, Chris Trotter's silence is an answer in itself.

As the old German saying goes; "Keine Antwort is auch eine Antwort." the rough translation being: No answer is also an answer. Meaning "Silence gives Consent".

In his blindness on this issue, Chris Trotter in the same article wondered why talk-back critics of Helen Clark mention her severe style of hair and clothing. What he is not admitting that body language and looks often speak to people. And that Helen Clark's strict and often harsh look, allied with her government's recent brutal actions, are very unsettling to a lot of people at an emotional level.

No doubt the image make over experts will try and soften Helen Clark's appearance for the upcoming election. But the damage to her and Labour's image is, unfortunately for them, probably irreparable.

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Gypsy Kiwi's Blog said...

I live in Wellington so am unable to attend :(.

However, what I can do is send onto others all the stuff I have on the so called "Terror Raids". And make them open their eyes to what is going on around them. They are the sort of people who 'believe' whatever they are told. I am one of the few among my friends who ask questions & do some digging; thanks to the wonders of the net. All the best for this Saturday. I really wish I could be there to show my support for what is going on. All the best.