Saturday 23 February 2008

NZ Govt- Carbon Trading is a scam

Commentary- from Gary

My submission on the emissions trading scheme

I am in absolute opposition to any emissions trading scheme for New Zealand or any other country for that matter.

Carbon Trading is a scam. A disastrous distraction from real efforts to stop the most destructive force that humans have ever triggered.

This emissions trading scheme, as with other emissions trading schemes is not designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and in any case, NEVER has an emissions trading scheme resulted in a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

This scheme has been selected and designed by the New Zealand government with direction from big business specifically to distract and pacify New Zealanders and organisations trying to combat climate change.

Emissions trading is a farce as is this submissions process which is also designed to make New Zealanders think they have some sort of input into such crucial decision making processes.

Fuck you,

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