Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Regional Council chair jumps tickets

RAM - Residents Action Movement Media release 6 August 2007 ARC chair flees sinking City Vision ship Mike Lee, chair of the Auckland Regional Council, is set to announce his sideways shift from the openly Labour Party-dominated City Vision ticket in favour of a supposedly "non-party" Regional People ticket. "This sideways shift is a fraud on the citizens of Greater Auckland," said Grant Morgan, organiser of RAM - Residents Action Movement. "Mr Lee is fleeing the sinking City Vision ship because of its internal feuds and the Labour Party's drop in the polls. He is setting up a City Vision sub-committee which he calls Regional People." "Mr Lee's politics of personal survival mark Regional People (RePe) as an opportunistic grouping of self-seekers and corporate clones," said Grant Morgan. "RePe (pronounced 'ReePee') is refusing to match RAM's promise to cut homeowner rates by increasing big business rates. This is a sign of RePe's corporate soul." "In stark contrast, RAM is standing for definite policies which advance the interests of grassroots people. While our policies around home rate cuts and free public transport will upset Corporate Auckland, RAM puts the interests of working people ahead of the interests of the rich elite." "There will be a clear contest between corporate-aligned RePe and grassroots-aligned RAM in the regional council election," said Grant Morgan.

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