Monday, 6 August 2007

RAM stands in council elections

RAM stands in council elections
RAM (Residents Action Movement) is standing in the council elections across Greater Auckland. Election campaigning officially kicks off on 13 August. In the 2004 election for the Auckland Regional Council, the RAM team won a massive 87,000 votes. We got one RAM councillor (Robyn Hughes) elected onto the regional council, and narrowly missed out with several other RAM candidates. It is widely believed that the RAM vote will increase in this year's election. RAM is fielding a united team of strong candidates all committed to:
  • Cut council rates for homeowners. Ever more people in New Zealand are being forced into the ranks of the "working poor". Overburdened homeowners urgently need rates relief. This is a vital element in restoring the stability and viability of grassroots communities. For too long, big business has been gouging the rest of Greater Auckland. RAM has long campaigned to reduce home rates by making Corporate Auckland pay its way.
  • Defend our communities from racist attacks. RAM has organised against the sudden rise of organised Islamophonia in New Zealand. Extremists from the Christian right have begun defaming local Muslims with the most disgusting lies. We do not want our country divided by communal hatreds and bloodshed. RAM will continue our determined campaign for social inclusion because we all belong here.
  • Free & frequent public transport. If humanity is to survive climate chaos, our carbon emissions must be slashed by 80% over the next two decades. We cannot muck around if we are to protect our human habitat. RAM has long campaigned to replace carbon-emitting cars with free and frequent buses and trains across urban Greater Auckland. This can be funded by switching state cash away from motorway construction, plus levying a tax on airport arrivals and hotel beds.
  • Save our park on the Manukau Harbour. Pikes Point is the last green space on the Upper Manukau Harbour, bounded by working class suburbs. Despite RAM's opposition the port company, a subsidiary of Auckland Regional Council, is planning to turn Pikes Point into a used car lot. Yet councils are spending megabucks on "beautifying" the upper income Waitemata Harbour. This class discrimination must be overcome so we can protect our environment.
  • Plus other RAM policies to support grassroots people.
Like what you see? Then support RAM. To get lots of RAM councillors elected, RAM must win the "battle of ideas". And that requires getting lots of RAM billboards put up on people's fences across Greater Auckland. Here is how you can help RAM win: BILLBOARDS The MOST IMPORTANT way you can contribute to a RAM victory is to help put up RAM billboards. These billboards measure 1800x900 and go onto the fences of house occupiers who agree with RAM's message. 1. Do you live on a busy road? If you do, you could put a RAM billboard on your fence. 2. Do you have some spare time? If you do, you could ask people you know who live on busy roads to put up a RAM billboard. And/or you could join a RAM billboard team. It would be great if the volunteers who recently helped put up RAM's George Galloway billboards (opposing Islamophobia) could also help with RAM's election billboards. If you can help put up RAM billboards, please immediately REPLY TO THIS EMAIL and say what you can do. DONATIONS If you cannot help with our billboards, can you make a donation to RAM's election fund? At the moment, RAM is still short of $6,000 to fund our all-important billboards. To bridge the finance gap, RAM has arranged a $6,000 loan which must be repaid. Can you help RAM repay our debt? There are two ways you can donate:
  • Make out a cheque to "RAM" and mail to RAM, PO Box 13-157, Auckland. (Please include your email & address so RAM can acknowledge your donation.)
  • Make an electronic payment to RAM. Here are our details. Bank account name: RAM ­ Residents Action Movement. Bank & branch: Kiwibank, Onehunga. Account number: 38-9002-0169572-00. (Then email me at so RAM knows your donation has gone in.)
VOTE RAM The council elections are by postal ballot over a three week period from 22 September to 13 October. Your personal recommendation to all your family and friends to "Vote RAM" will carry a lot of weight. Please spread the word everywhere: "Vote RAM". And tell everyone to get onto the electoral roll so they are allowed to vote. If they don't know how to register, tell them to ring the Electoral Office's toll free number 0508 13 10 2007.

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