Friday, 10 August 2007

RAM Manukau City campaign launch


Residents Action Movement Manukau campaign launch - feel the beat!

The exciting Cook Island performance group TE VAKA O MAUI kicks off RAM's Manukau campaign launch for the council elections. Come and feel the beat of the drums! Plus there's Mangere's outstanding hip-hop group RECOMMENDED DOSAGE as well as five-part acappella singers NESIAN 5 who are so talented so young. A fantastic evening of drums, songs and laughter along with RAM's core election message that people must come before profits - not the other way round as market politicians are telling us. W H E N This Thursday 1 6 t h A u g u s t @ 7.30 p m W H E R E Mangere East Community Centre, 372 Massey Rd (behind Library) Free of charge Come along and support RAM's policies:

  • Cut council rates of grassroots homeowners.
  • Defend our communities from racist attacks.
  • Free & frequent buses and trains.
  • Save our public assets from corporate colonisation.
  • Protect our park on the Manukau Harbour.
  • And other policies which put people before profits.

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