Monday, 30 May 2011

NZ aid network to campaign for international Gaza flotilla

The extent of Israel's illegal sea wall around Gaza can be seen in this Wikipedia map.

"Kia Ora Gaza will soon be launching a campaign for Freedom Flotilla 2, an international fleet due to sail to Gaza in late June to break Israel's illegal siege of the Palestinian coastal enclave," said Grant Morgan, co-organiser of New Zealand's Gaza aid network.

"More details will be announced over coming days about Kia Ora Gaza's involvement with this European-driven civil society initiative."

Kia Ora Gaza was set up in response to Israel's deadly attack on Gaza aid ship Mavi Marmara in May 2010, when nine civil society volunteers were shot to death in a violent act of state piracy.

Later in 2010, Kia Ora Gaza raised NZ$100,000 to send a six-person team on an international land convoy to Gaza led by UK charity Viva Palestina. NZ$7 million of medical aid and other humanitarian supplies were successfully delivered to Gaza via Egypt's land crossing after a tense 10-day standoff with the now-deposed regime in Cairo.

In March 2010, United Nations secretary-general Ban-Ki Moon said the blockade of Gaza causes "unacceptable suffering" to its residents, while the UN Human Rights Council has repeatedly called for the Israeli siege to be lifted. (

"Yet Gaza's 1.5 million Palestinians are still suffering from Israel's cruel and criminal siege, which includes a ferocious sea blockade," said Mr Morgan. "Every year, dozens of Gazan fishermen are killed and wounded by Israeli warships for putting a net in the sea to support their families."

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