Tuesday, 3 May 2011

an international website about terminal crises collapsing world capitalism

by Grant Morgan
Auckland, New Zealand
3 May 2011

terminal 5 is an international website to be launched before the end of 2011. Its aims are these:
  • linking the thinking of the system's rebels about the five terminal crises collapsing world capitalism,
  • exposing the posing of the system's pimps as global civilisation sinks into a sea of toxic troubles, and
  • stressing the coalescing of the system's majority so we promote the Global Uniting that can save us.
We make no apology if the aims of terminal 5 are completely wanting in intellectual and political modesty. How else could it be? After all, world capitalism is falling apart under the terminal crises of profitability, ecology, resources, imperialism and legitimacy. To put up with antiquated analysis and sectarian strife would be civilisational suicide.

For supplying group grunt to the creation of terminal 5, we thank Socialist Worker New Zealand, whose members include the website's trio of originators: Daphne Lawless, Peter de Waal and myself. From the outset, however, terminal 5 will be fiercely independent of any and every political party (a position that Socialist Worker fully agrees with).

Certainly, eco-left parties can be useful, sometimes even essential, in the organisation of social progress. But parties are more known for limiting, rather than liberating, free thought. Anyway, the global scale on which terminal 5 must operate precludes the national circumference of parties.

To give an idea of where the website's originators are coming from, recent essays by myself and Daphne are here and here. And my much longer analysis of the five terminal crises of global capitalism can be viewed here.

We are now inviting expressions of interest from eco-leftists who would like to enter terminal 5 at the ground floor. Quality analysts around the planet are wanted. Also some web experts. Interested? Simply email office@terminal5.net and we can start talking.

If you think this communication has validity, please spread it via email, blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Salute!

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