Monday, 30 May 2011

Labour MP for Mangere to receive Tax Justice petition

Su’a William Sio the Labour MP for Mangere will receive the Tax Justice petition in front of Parliament Buildings on Tuesday 16 August.

The Tax Justice petition requests parliament to: 1. Remove GST from food; and 2. Tax financial speculation.

“We’re very pleased to have Su’a William Sio receiving the petition, because we’ve had good support in his Mangere electorate for the campaign,” says Vaughan Gunson, Tax Justice campaign coordinator.

Mr Gunson says the Tax Justice campaign is on target to present 50,000 signatures to Mr Sio.

“Removing GST from food is an immediate action which would address rising food prices that are hurting low and middle income earners,” says Gunson.

“And we want a debate in this country about why financial speculators are allowed to profit in New Zealand markets and pay no tax,” says Gunson. “We pay tax on our food, while mega-wealthy speculators pay zero tax – it’s obscene and must be reversed.”

Su’a William Sio says he looks forward to tabling the Tax Justice petition before parliament. He says having 50,000 signatures on a petition is enough reason for Parliament to take note and consider the merits and substance of this petition.

“The large numbers of people signing this petition also reflects the significant numbers of New Zealanders who are struggling to make ends meet due to the high cost of living, which I see everyday in Mangere,” says Mr Sio.

“Labour recognises that the cost of living is a huge issue in our communities and that’s why it has already set out its initial policies – removing all GST off fresh fruits and vegetables, and no tax on the first $5000 of income.”

Mr Gunson believes the issue of Tax Justice will not go away. He is confident that progressive organisations and political parties can build a broad movement for Tax Justice that challenges the National government’s mantra of lower taxes for the rich and more GST for the rest of us.  

New Zealanders can sign an online version of the Tax Justice petition at

For more information on the Tax Justice campaign go to

For comment, contact:

Vaughan Gunson
Tax Justice campaign coordinator
021 0415 082

Su’a William Sio
Member of Parliament for Mangere
(04) 817 9870
021 245 3522

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