Tuesday, 29 March 2011

What Sir Paul really meant to say was...

(See Expats asked to pay off student loans 'to help Christchurch', an idea of Sir Peter Callahan)

Dear educated smart refugees from privatisation, we are so sorry we stole all of those public assets in the 1980's and '90's and flogged them off for cents in the dollar. We regret spending all the money we were paid in bribes by our new owners on flash houses and cars which are now ruined. We are heart-broken that we ruined organisations like the Ministry of Works and the New Zealand Railways apprenticeship schemes that delivered thousands of skilled tradespeople into our economy smoothly and cheaply, year after year. Now we are faced with having to attract thousands of engineers and tradespeople whilst competing against the market rate for these skills paid elsewhere in the world, a problem that our low wages resulting from undemocratic non-unionised job sites makes harder still. We thought we had built everything we would ever need, so all you working types and your families could just live in poverty or leave the country. Our leader John Key smiles nicely, but hasn't a clue about anything except asset stripping and fleecing the workers, the poor and the sick. We need you to pay for the rebuilding of our economy so we can carry on lording it over you and telling you what to think.

Please send us your money. We are desperate!

- by Peter de Waal

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