Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Hikoi in Auckland

Hikoi Takutai Moana passed through Tamaki Makaurau / Auckland today, March 16.

100 people gathered at the bottom of Queen Street, with the march swelling to nearer 200 as it made its way slowly up Auckland’s main drag.

Speakers emphasised that an important reason for opposing old (Labour) and new (National) versions of the seabed and foreshore laws both was to protect the moana from mining and oil drilling.

It is worth remembering that many now iconic struggles, such as the protests of Nga Tama Toa or the occupations at Raglan and Bastion Point were initiated by small groups, who were dismissed by many Maori leaders of the day.

Although small in number, the hikoi was large in spirit and voice, the sound of wiata and haka echoing off the high-rises. No doubt the political reverberations will still be heard on election day and beyond.


Anonymous said...

Kia ora, thanks for posting the video footage & I like your commentary. Have shared on facebook HIKOI group.

Anonymous said...

We object to the Political Party named “The Maori Party” within the New Zealand Government, voting in support of the legislation named “The Marine and Coastal Area (Takutaimoana) Bill.

This legislation violates and breaches Maori Rights embedded in the treaty named “Te Tiriti O Waitangi” and the Declaration named “He Whakaputanga o nga Rangatira o Niu Tireni”.

We also object to the Maori Party,s continuation of support to this legislation.

Therefore,we would like to state Maori Party’s vote of support for the Marine and Coastal Area Bill DOES NOT represent our support or tautoko.

We request that the Political Party named the Maori Party cease immediately their continuation of support of the “Marine and Coastal Area(Takutaimoana) Bill, as it continues to violate and breach “Te Tiriti O Waitangi”.

For the asaid reasons given above

We request that Assent is NOT GIVEN to the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutaimoana) Bill by the Governor General of New Zealand.

25 March 2011 22:10