Tuesday, 8 March 2011

"We're being told that we need to sacrifice, while those people have never sacrificed."

KRISTINE MATTIS, Graduate Student, Activist with Teaching Assistants' Association, Madison: "It seems clear to everyone now that this is a bigger struggle than just a struggle for the unions. It's a struggle against those of the corporate and elite who have been paying fewer and fewer taxes and who caused the entire economic breakdown on Wall Street, a struggle between the rest of us who are being forced to pay for it and being forced to take losses in our wages, losses in our health-care benefits, losses in our pensions because of that. It was sort of a small battle against the budget repair bill, and now it's really just a war of the working people against the people they see as the real group who has not done their fair share of dealing with the economic hardships that we're all facing. We're being told that we need to sacrifice, while those people have never sacrificed. And I think it has to do with just all of us having come together and discussing this issue and probably talking to one another rather than listening to the mainstream media and realizing more broadly where these problems emanate--from where they emanate and what are the true solutions."

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rebelpleb said...

Hi Kiwis -

I am Kristine (from the news clip). My partner noticed that you posted this story on your blog. I wanted to thank you for paying attention to what is going on with us way across the world in Wisconsin, USA. My partner and I lived in Christchurch for a short time. (And loved it!) We just wanted to send our heartfelt condolences to you all who have suffered from this recent earthquake. Best wishes to all of you down there in the southern hemisphere. We're thinking of you as we fight our battles here.

In solidarity,