Friday, 17 September 2010

‘Tour of shame’ to target unscrupulous employers in earthquake hit city


On Sunday 19th Sept Unite Union will be conducting lightning pickets across the city of Christchurch to name and shame the unscrupulous employers that have put profit before the welfare of their staff during the aftermath of the 7.1 earthquake.

“Just like the people of Christchurch, most companies have behaved amazingly well, whilst there are those individuals who have chosen to act appallingly during this uncertain time.”  Said Matt Jones, Christchurch Unite Organiser

“Subway, Garden City Bowl, First Security and Reading Cinema can expect a loud and noisy picket outside their premises this weekend. John Key put the responsibility firmly on the shoulders of larger businesses to look after their staff, the mentioned companies made the decision to ignore this advice and will now reap the consequences.” said Mr Jones.

Staff have worked under duress, were refused leave, denied payment during site closures - forcing them to use annual leave to cover the shortfall, whilst offers of counselling services were few and far between. This has all been in the name of saving money and making a quick buck.

“Companies trading in fast food, retail, hotels, education, security and cinemas have risen to the challenge, it is a real shame that members of Unite Union and the wider community have been let down by just a handful of nasty employers.” Said Matt Jones.

The pickets begin from midday Sunday at the Subway between Subway corner of Barbadoes St and Cashel St where the tour will continue across the city.


Matt Jones | Christchurch & Nelson organiser

Email: matthew(at)

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David said...

Message from Matt Jones at Unite:

Subway franchise owners backed down and have paid out their staff.

But we still meet at the Subway on the cnr of Barbadoes and Cashel st at midday.