Monday, 6 September 2010

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5 Our actions shape the future
Daphne lawless, editor of UNITY

9 The pollution market and the bad banks
DAVID PARKER, eco-blogger

17 Sub-prime crisis, global economic crisis … ecotastrophe?
ROB george, NZEI organiser (personal capacity)

39 How to avoid ecocide at the petrol pump
Kay Weir, editor of Pacific Ecologist

43 The Belém Ecosocialist Declaration

52 The E.I.N., chapter two: what is to be done?
JOEL KOVEL, Ecosocialist International Network

56 Climate Action Now!
Socialist Alliance (Australia)

63 Socialist Alliance 10-point plan

65 Bolivarian ecosocialism
Sam mcgill, Revolutionary Communist Group (Britain)

69 Book review: Will capitalism end in your life?
GRANT BROOKES, Socialist Worker – New Zealand

83 Book review: Plan a city, save the world?
DAVID, Socialist Worker – New Zealand

84 Book review: Ecosocialist solutions to the capitalist crisis
ASH PEMBERTON, Green Left Weekly (Australia)

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