Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The best way you can counter Israel’s propaganda machine

[Last Sunday] TVOne’s “Sunday” programme broadcast the BBC Panorama story “Death in the Med”.

Sunday” presenter Cameron Bennet made clear in his intro, this BBC Panorama story gives the Israeli version of the storming of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla on 31 May which left nine civilian aid workers dead and dozens injured.

It’s the old, old story of an aggressor selling the propaganda line that really the victim was to blame for being attacked.

Cameron Bennet asked the question: Will this Israeli version of history sway people? My answer: probably not many.

The Israeli military attack on a humanitarian aid ship on the open sea in the dead of night was so indecent that the world’s majority are lining up against the illegal and immoral siege of Gaza’s 1.5 million people.

If you do come across someone who is swayed by this Israeli propaganda, simply point them to Kia Ora Gaza’s website.

Today [Monday] on we have posted seven articles which, in different ways, expose the Israeli propaganda attack. These articles are:

UN official criticises Israel over flotilla probe

Just click on any headline above to take you to the article on our website.

Kia Ora Gaza is fund-raising to send a six-person Kiwi Team to Gaza in three vehicles packed with humanitarian aid, such as medical equipment, educational supplies and building equipment. 

Our brave Kiwi Team is joining the biggest aid convoy since the Second World War. 500 vehicles full of aid and staffed by over 1,000 volunteers from scores of different countries  will converge on Gaza in October.

This historic convoy, led by UK-based charity Viva Palestina, will deliver humanitarian aid that is still banned by the state of Israel. And the convoy has a real chance of ending the Israeli siege of Gaza, or at least fatally weakening the blockade.

Heres my message to you:  If you really want to bring both aid and justice to the people of Gaza, then donate generously to Kia Ora Gaza's humanitarian mission. Go to to see how to donate.

And if you have already made a donation, then how about making another? Your financial support for Kia Ora Gaza is the best way you can counter Israels propaganda machine.

Thank you,

Grant Morgan

Co-organiser of Kia Ora Gaza
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