Saturday, 2 May 2009

Zimbabwe Leads the World!

by Auckland union activist 2 May 2009 Zimbabwe is truly a world leader. Mugabe's government, which followed the IMF and World Bank's neo liberal plans for their economy to the letter, showed us all where these policies will get you. The austerity medicine prescribed for Zimbabwe by the World Bank, included oppressive and harsh debt repayment, funded by massive privatisation of virtually every public service and national asset. The mantra was "free enterprise knows best". Now the whole world is learning the harsh lesson that the people of Zimbabwe know only too well. As one commentator once said: "free enterprise means free foxes in a free chicken run". It seems that most government's, including president Obama's and our own, instead of getting their shotgun like any sensible farmer would do, is instead feeding the fox more chickens in the hope that this will make him satisfied. See What comes after a trillion? [23 April 2009] a NZ Sunday Star article on the failed Zimbabwe economy.

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