Wednesday, 27 May 2009

New UNITY journal: 'The Great Implosion: Global crisis and the left'

It's been a bit of a gap between UNITY Journals, but it's at least worth the wait, because the contents of this one will make it a must read for activists in Aotearoa. To arrange postage of a copy email The cost is $6.50 (including postage).  

The Great Implosion: Global crisis and the left  

Crisis, danger and opportunity Daphne lawless, editor of UNITY 10 

Financial implosion and stagnation JOHN BELLAMY FOSTER and FRED MAGDOFF 40 

Will the global economy recover? Alex Callinicos, Socialist Workers Party (Britain) 42 

Trade unions and New Zealand’s economic crisis GRANT BROOKES, Socialist Worker (New Zealand) 59 

The housing crisis revisted PETER DE WAAL, Socialist Worker (New Zealand) 67 

Responding to the crisis VAUGHAN GUNSON, Socialist Worker (New Zealand) 78  

The rocks of opposing class interests Don Franks, Workers Party of New Zealand 84 

Venezuela: New measures to confront crisis JIM McILROY and CORAL WYNTER, Green Left Weekly (Australia) 87 

France: The anti-capitalist hope PIERRE-FRANÇOIS GROND, New Anti-Capitalist Party (France) 89 

Fighting the financial crisis Die Linke (The Left party), Germany 91 

New left openings in Britain ROBERT GRIFFITHS, Morning Star (Britain) 94  

The People’s Charter for Change 97  

Challenges facing Québec solidaire RICHARD FIDLER, Socialist Voice (Canada) 103  

Defend jobs, not profits! Socialist Alliance (Australia) 107  

Fighting the bloggers on their own turf DAPHNE LAWLESS 112 

A handbook for the downturn GRAHAM MATTHEWS, Green Left Weekly (Australia) 115  

Feedback: Letters from Ondine Green, Bronwen Beechey and an Auckland union activist

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