Thursday, 7 May 2009

Maritime Union backs locked out flight attendants

Maritime Union of New Zealand media release 7 May 2009 The Maritime Union is backing locked out flight attendants employed by Air New Zealand subsidiary Zeal 320. Maritime Union of New Zealand General Secretary Trevor Hanson says waterfront workers and seafarers supported protests by locked out workers in Auckland and Wellington today. "The Maritime Union will give full and active support to our fellow transport workers and their union the EPMU in this dispute." He says the tactics of Air New Zealand management are "textbook anti-worker, anti-union stuff." "They have been using lock outs, threats, strike breakers, holding companies - all to reduce the wages and conditions of their workers." Mr Hanson says that Air New Zealand management will find that their actions will only damage the company. "Workers are no longer prepared to accept this type of activity with fat cat executives ripping off the workers who generate the profit." He says there is a new and combative mood amongst workers who were standing up for their rights. Mr Hanson says as a majority public-owned company, Air New Zealand had an obligation to act in the public interest, rather than as "pirate capitalists." 240 flight attendants employed by Air New Zealand subsidiary Zeal 320 Ltd have been locked out for four days. The workers do the same work as flight attendants employed by Air New Zealand, but are employed on inferior wages and conditions. See also The growing rash of lockouts must be nipped in the bud

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