Wednesday 17 March 2010

Bad Banks leaflet #6: MAKE THE BANKS PAY

The latest Bad Banks leaflet is out now (leaflet #6). It features on the front a "letter" to prime minister John Key, which reads:
Dear Mr Key,

Why are you wanting to raise GST? Food and everything else will be more expensive. It's already hard to make ends meet. Why don't you tax the banks and other fat cats that have been ripping us off? We want justice Mr Key, make them pay.

Grassroots people of NZ
On the back of the leaflet, under the headline 'Make the Banks Pay' are three demands:

1. Stop forced mortgagee sales
Regulatory muscle used to stop banks turfing people out of their homes. A government body to oversee the re-negotiation of mortgages based on current market values and ability of the homeowner to pay.

2. Turn Kiwibank into a proper public bank
Offering 3% interest loans to first home buyers, zero-fee banking for people on modest incomes, and low interest loans to local bodies for sustainable eco-projects in the public good.

3. Introduce a Robin Hood Tax
(also known as a Financial Transaction Tax)
A small percentage tax on financial transactions would net billions of dollars from banks and global financial speculators. GST could be phased out.

These "common sense" measures to curb banking power and protect grassroots people should hit the mark with people who already have negative attitudes towards the banks, which is the majority of New Zealanders. Early feedback from people on the street to the new leaflet has been positive.


To go with the new leaflet, there's a 'Make the Banks Pay' sign-up sheet where people can give their support to our "letter" to John Key and the three demands.

If you would like bulk copies of Bad Banks leaflet #6 and the 'Make the Banks Pay' sign-up sheet, contact Vaughan svpl(at) or 021-0415 082.

Send all completed sign-up sheets to Socialist Worker/Bad Banks, PO Box 13-685, Auckland.


There's an online version of the 'Make the Banks Pay' sign-up. Go to to add your signature. Tell your friends, family and workmates. We want to get as many signatures as possible, to grow the campaign and hopefully get crucial media coverage.

You can also join, and invite others to join, the 'Make the Banks Pay' Facebook group. Go to!/group.php?gid=392390694275&ref=ts


There's going to be a lot of media coverage either side of the upcoming budget (20 May) about an almost certain hike in GST, as well as other policies the National government will be implementing in response to the global economic crisis. It's possible that the alternative message of the Bad Banks campaign: "make the banks pay, not grassroots people", could break through into the media. That possibility will be increased if we can build some campaign momentum on the ground and online over the next couple of months.

If we work hard we may be able to lift the Bad Banks campaign to the next level. The three "common sense" measures are necessary to curb banking power and protect grassroots people in New Zealand. If we act together we just might be able to deliver a blow to the banks.

In solidarity,

Vaughan Gunson
Bad Banks campaign manager
021-0415 082

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