Friday, 19 December 2008

Meeting of leftists against fire at will law

Around 30 Auckland leftists from a number of parties and unions gathered at the Unite union office on Thursday 18 December for a joint meeting against National's 90 day fire at will law. There was a good atmosphere and unanimous agreement about the need to build a united campaign against a law which strips away workers rights. Mike Treen, national director of Unite, gave the introduction. He reported that the top leadership of the Council of Trade Unions is meeting on 20 January to decide on the shape of a union campaign against the law, which apparently will now come into force a month earlier than originally signalled (on 1 March). Here are the main decisions of the meeting: *Leftists set up a broad network to run a united campaign against the law In tandem with the CTU campaign. *The broad left network will meet again on Thursday 15 January to set a date for an Auckland demonstration and finalise publicity material. *The broad left network will convene a conference in Auckland to which international speakers (like US socialist John Bellamy Foster) be invited. *The broad left network will promote a workers pledge not to sign away their rights. The broad left network will organise direct actions to support workers sacked under the law. Grant Morgan Chair of RAM - Residents Action Movement 021 2544 515 PO Box 13-157 Auckland